Church Membership

A GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH DISTINCTIVE In a day whencommitment is a rare commodity, it should come as no surprise that church membership is such a low priority to so many believers. Sadly, it is ...

The Most Important Time to Go to Church

The most important time to be at church is when you don't feel like it. I've talked with three Christians about this recently-two struggling with depression, and a third who just went through a tough break-up-who've stopped gathering with God's people during a difficult season.

If God Loves You, He Will Prune You

I used to work from home when our church started. As I prepared my sermons, I would look out the window and be motivated by the beautiful bougainvillea flowers in our garden. One day I looked out and saw the gardener chopping up my beloved bougainvillea bushes.

A Bright and Burning Light: Robert Charles Sproul, February 13, 1939-December 14, 2017

Our prayers are with the Sproul family, and our hope is in Christ. Listening to one of R.C.'s messages in the last few hours, I realized that R.C. had been preaching - decades ago - as a man ready to die, trusting in Christ.

The Prayer that Turns the World Upside Down

Cultural commentary from a Biblical perspective