The opening message in the new series "Son of God, Servant of Man" focuses on the primary way to prepare for the Son of God: Repentance. Join Carlos as he unpacks Mark 1:1-8, showing the need for John's 2000-year old message even today.

Biblical Leadership

The church of the living God is a family that consists of all who have trusted in Jesus Christ alone for salvation and it therefore, belongs to Him alone. Jesus has however, entrusted the leadership of the local church to men of character who proven leaders of their homes. Listen as the elders of FFCB unpack what this means from 1 Timothy 3:1-13.

In this final message of our four-part series on an engaged church, Mark shows succinctly from one single verse that true authority is the power to serve others. Jesus was the ultimate servant, and we serve others best when we serve out of the overflow of his mission—"to give his life as a ransom for many."

Ever wonder why Christians and churches are commanded to sing? Zero in with Carlos on the answer to that question in this focused message on the biblical habit of singing from Colossians 3:16.

How do God's people become generous? Join Carlos in this gospel-centered look at habit #2 of an engaged church, and learn how one can grow in the grace of giving "bountifully," not merely "sparingly."

In this first message of a four-part series on the church and her habits, Carlos explores biblical 'togetherness' from Acts 2:42-47 and explains why it is imperative we gather.

What King Did They Expect?

Jesus is the Messiah of Israel. However, Israel failed to understand that He came in humility to die for our sins. Listen to Pastor Mark as he teaches how Jesus is both Savior and King.

The God-Man

Did God really become human in the person of Jesus? Yes, He did. This is what the incarnation of Jesus means. In this message, Pastor Carlos addresses 5 reasons why Jesus became human and what it practically means for His followers.

Why did this happen?

View the final years of Judah through three windows as Carlos explains the "why" and the "what" in this eleventh and concluding message from season four of "The kings and the King."

Family trees come in all shapes and sizes with good and bad people. As we walk through the kings, the family trees are no different. This week, we come to the worst king of Judah and the best king since David. Inspire of the good or bad behavior, there is still a scarlet thread weaving through the text.

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