The Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the guarantee that His death on the cross for our sins was accepted by the Father. In this message learn how the resurrection should not just be celebrated once a year, but every day for all who believe.

The Crucifixion

The last thing we want to do is become so familiar with the crucifixion of Jesus that we fail to stop and appreciate how meaningful it is. In this message, Pastor Carlos uncovers that happened on the cross, how it impacted those who witnessed it, and how it should impact us.

Jesus was constantly confusing and frustrating the spiritual leaders of His day because of who He chose to spend time with. Listen as we look at Jesus' 5th disciple and see how Jesus answers the scribes specific question of "Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?"

What many see as a story about four committed fiends is really a story of one forgiving Savior. Explore this "through the roof" encounter that signaled Jesus' true identity in this message by Pastor Carlos from Mark 2:1–12.

As Jesus' ministry picked up steam, we get a glimpse, not only into how he stayed focused and on-mission, but also into what that means for us who now serve in his name. Learn with Carlos the core essentials for Jesus-like service in this message from Mark 1:35-45.

With His first disciples, Jesus’ authority is on display. In this excerpt from Mark 1:21-34, we see the authority of the God Man over demons and various sickness. Join us as Pastor Carlos leads us through these three episodes in Jesus’ ministry.

When he went public, just what did Jesus say was the expectation for those who would follow him? See the stark truth concerning discipleship in this message by Pastor Mark Spencer from Mark 1:14–20.

Temptation is inevitable in our lives. When temptation comes, you may feel like you are the only one who faces it. However, we have a Savior who was tempted in the same way that we are. In this sermon, Pastor Dave will walk us through the temptation of Jesus and how He fought against it.

Why exactly did Jesus get baptized? And what did it signify? Listen to Carlos' message on Mark 1:9-11 and gain clarity to this event in Jesus' life that says much about who he really is and what we really need.

The opening message in the new series "Son of God, Servant of Man" focuses on the primary way to prepare for the Son of God: Repentance. Join Carlos as he unpacks Mark 1:1-8, showing the need for John's 2000-year old message even today.

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