The Holy Worship

Our holy God created us and desires a relationship with us. How we relate back to God is our worship. Listen to Pastor Mark as he teaches what holy worship looks like.

The Holy Covenant

God didn’t just create the world and step away. God relates to His people and desires for them to be in a right relationship with Him. In part two of this series, Pastor Mark explores the covenant relationship that we can be in with Him.

The Holy God the Father

The stark contrast in Mark 3:7–19 between the curious masses and 12 committed men gives us insight into the urgency of Christ and his divine compulsion to ensure his Father's mission continues even after it is, in one sense, completed. Dig further into these two concepts in this message by Pastor Mark from Mark 3:7–19.

When he went public, just what did Jesus say was the expectation for those who would follow him? See the stark truth concerning discipleship in this message by Pastor Mark Spencer from Mark 1:14–20.

In this final message of our four-part series on an engaged church, Mark shows succinctly from one single verse that true authority is the power to serve others. Jesus was the ultimate servant, and we serve others best when we serve out of the overflow of his mission—"to give his life as a ransom for many."

What King Did They Expect?

Jesus is the Messiah of Israel. However, Israel failed to understand that He came in humility to die for our sins. Listen to Pastor Mark as he teaches how Jesus is both Savior and King.

Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived, but his son Rehoboam, the next in line for the throne of Israel, was a fool. His foolishness tears apart the kingdom of Israel and splits it in two. Throughout 1 Kings 12, we see that none of the foolish...

Between two war stories is a beautiful snapshot of King David’s grace towards Mephibosheth. Listen as Mark Spencer parallels the historical flow of 2 Samuel 8–10 to the spiritually stunning work of God’s grace in our lives.