Jesus often taught the disciples and crowds using parables. These earthly stories have heavenly meanings, and we encounter two of them in this next message by Pastor Dave from Mark 4:1-25.

What is the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit? Can someone, even a Christian, commit the sin today? Discover what was —and is—really going on in this passage that deals with precisely these questions in this message by Pastor Mark Schultz from Mark 3:20-35.

The stark contrast in Mark 3:7–19 between the curious masses and 12 committed men gives us insight into the urgency of Christ and his divine compulsion to ensure his Father's mission continues even after it is, in one sense, completed. Dig further into these two concepts in this message by Pastor Mark from Mark 3:7–19.

This third and final message of our mini-series within Mark takes aim at understanding our Lord's priorities. Gain insight into the importance of the heart in this message from Mark 2:23-3:6 regarding not only the Sabbath, but the Savior of the Sabbath!

In this second message of this mini-series within Mark, Pastor Carlos looks at the people's question regarding why some fasted and others did not. But there's more going on than just fasting! Get a peek into the point of Jesus' answer in this message from Mark 2:18-22, "Q and A with Jesus."