What is a Small Group?

A Small Group is a home fellowship made up of around 8-16 people who meet weekly to share, study, and support one another. A trained leader and host lead each group. An average meeting lasts for an hour and a half. Each group session lasts 9 to 11 weeks. We have Fall, Winter & Spring sessions. At the end of each session, you will have the choice of staying in the same group, trying a new group, or even taking a break. Most groups stay together throughout the entire year. Small Groups generally do not meet June through August.

Why is being a member of a Small Group important? 

Here at First Family Church, We believe spiritual growth flows out of two basic commitments: A commitment to God and the Bible, and a commitment to significant Christian relationships. Small Groups are the hub of our ministry. They’re the place where the real ministry of the church takes place as we study God’s Word while supporting and sharing our lives with one another. We believe that meeting together on a regular basis is time well spent. 

What will we study?

Most of the studies are based on the previous weekend’s message. Small Groups are built on what we call a “Lecture-Lab” model. Imagine the weekend message as a lecture on Christian living based on the Word of God, and the Small Group as a lab where you get to roll up your sleeves and discuss how the weekend’s message works in real life. Each week there will be a series of Bible passages and questions on the back of the sermon note sheet to study before the meeting.

What about childcare?

We leave it up to each Small Group to work out their own childcare. Many Small Groups hire a college student to watch the kids in another portion of the home during the group session. Those with kids share the cost. Sometimes it works best for families to share a sitter or to swap childcare with another family whose Small Group meets on a different evening. 

What if I’m new to First Family?

We offer a Newcomers Small Group specifically designed for new attenders. We have new rotations starting periodically. The group usually lasts until about 5:30 PM, and this rotation is set for 3 weeks. Address and directions will be sent upon registration. At our first get-together, a schedule will be given to you so you can plan accordingly over the course of the Small Group. We do not provide childcare at Newcomers Small Group; however, it is a casual atmosphere, so you are welcome to bring your children and watch them during the group, or even rotate with your spouse, utilizing another room where there are toys available. Each week we cover a specific aspect of FFCB, hand out some church-related material, and have plenty of Q and A time. So come with questions!

Want to join a small group?

We would love to welcome you into a Small Group. Please contact one of our staff members if you are interested in joining.

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